Thursday, 3 July 2014

How Clean is the Ulu Pandan River?

Variables to consider

Independent variable

: Point of water collection.

Dependent variable

: pH level of the water.

Constant variable

: Amount of water collected.

Literature Review

-What are the ways to collect the water from the river?

:Take a small container and rope to collect the water.

-How do we go from 1 point to another when collecting water?

:Walking or if it is far then public transport.

-How do we analyse the water samples collected from the river?

:Check the ph level in the school science lab.

-How are we going to raise awareness about dangers of water pollution to the residents living nearby?

:Distributing poster and doing interviews to the nearby residents.

-What conditions must be met for the water to be considered polluted/dirty or clean?

:It must be above or below a certain pH level of 7.

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