5. Conclusions


5.1 Summary of findings

The pH level mostly is in between 7-8, which means that the water is very clean. Even though the water looks dirty and filled with leafs the pH level is cleaner than we expected. When its rains, the pH level is slightly higher than normal due to the acidity in the rain and recent pollution the rain is affecting the pH level of the water.

5.2 Practical Applications

We can use our research to raise awareness to the public about the consequences of water pollution to the Ulu Pandan river. For example, polluting the river will affect the habitat of the fished that lives in the river. This will eventually allow Singapore to have a cleaner water body as the awareness of the river cleanliness will be spreaded and hopefully, the residents around the area will help or prevent the river from getting more polluted.

5.3 Areas for further study

Further study can be done at other parts of Singapore besides just taking the samples from Ulu Pandan river. This will allow us to find out whether Singapore's overall water pH level is healthy or not.

The study can also check how dirty the water is instead of only checking the pH level. This will allow us to check which water body can be used for consumption in case of emergencies. It will also set a standard for other initiatives in order to make all of Singapore's water clean and drinkable.

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