4. Discussion


4. Discussion

4.1 Key findings
From the data collected, it was clearly shown that the area with more residents, the higher the pH level of the water. Another thing we found that affected the pH level of the water is rain. Rain could come in many forms such as acid rain which have been proven in our results that it has affected the pH level of the water in Ulu Pandan river.

4.2 Explanation of key findings
During rainy days, we collected the water at the Ulu Pandan River when the rain stops and found out that pH levels are different from the values that we usually get.And also at the more densely populated areas,the pH level is also higher than other areas.

4.3 Evaluation of hypothesis
Hypothesis 1: The places where more residents live, the higher the pH level of the water.
This hypothesis is true, from our data, the places where there are more buildings and residents, the pH level of the river at that area is higher compared to the other points of water collection.

4.4 Areas for improvement
There are a few thing which can be improved on.
Firstly we could consider more variables that could be recorded such as dissolved oxygen and opacity of the water.This variables could help support both our hypothesis and research question.

Secondly, we could have collected our water more frequently to improve the accuracy of our results.We could also interview residents to understand how aware they are of their impact on the river.Using those results we could than improve our poster by showing the relevant information they need to them.

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